iTunes was created and developed by Apple. This applications manages applications and stores media on a device. It also plays media. iTunes was designed to organize, download, and play video and audio files by utilizing devices that had operating systems like OS X and Microsoft Windows. Via iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone, you can also access iTunes Store.

Through the iTunes Stores, customers may download and purchase music, audio books, movies, music videos, podcasts, television videos, and movie rentals. Keep in mind that movie rentals may only be accessible from a couple of countries and are accessible also for the iPhone and fourth generation iPod Touch. By utilizing the App Store, you may download the applications for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

iTunes almost always has updates. Being an iTunes users, you may choose to update your iTunes version. Typically, if the iTunes user would need to update the software, they are required to make an iTunes update first.

If you have an iTunes login, you may access the on demand movies and music, including books, podcasts, and the App Store. So you can get an iTunes sign in, you need to have a device wherein the iTunes program is installed. You also need an email address and an internet connectivity.

You may access your iTunes account login anytime. This means that you can get entertainment, whether they may be television shows, movies, and music. Furthermore, this means that you do not have to delay your entertainment. You may choose whenever, wherever you want to be entertained by your favorite show, your favorite, video, etc.

Found below are the steps so you may exclaim, “I can now sign into my iTunes.”

(1) Open your iTunes from your device.

(2) When you are in iTunes, you will find the login web page as in the first picture. Click the hyperlink, “Sign In,” which you will see on top of the program.

itunes login

(3) It is a possibility that you can see the page you will see is not as you see on top. If this occurs, log out first. This will remove you from the previous look of the iTunes. If you still do not find the iTunes account wherein you logged out, go on and exit from the iTunes program and sign in again. Worse comes to worst, if the problem still exists, exit from iTunes and then open it again.

(4) As soon as you click the “Sign In” hyperlink, a pop up screen will show up as the image seen next. Click the button, “Create Apple ID.” Afterwards, wait until the device has iTunes Store access.

itunes account login

(5) You would then find the welcome page before you sign in to your iTunes account. Afterwards, click the blue “Continue” button.

(6) Next you will see the Apple Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is your choice of reading these, based on your taste. Most people would just click on the checkbox that says that you have read and agreed to the conditions and terms of the agreement. Next, click the “Agree” button.

itunes sign in

(7) Plug in your password. Then verify it by plugging in your password once again. After, plug in your Email, Security Information, and Date of Birth. Although it is not required, but if you want to be super safe, plug in your other email as an email backup. Also, if you choose to do so, you can tick the checkbox if you want to get updates and newsletters from Apple. After click the “Continue” button once finished. login

(8) You need to make sure that you did not already register with iTunes with the email you are currently using.

(9) Remember that your iTunes account is not different from your other online accounts. Like discussed in the past, you need to get a password. This is to guarantee that no sneaky people would access your data that is sensitive and private. This is especially important since iTunes sometimes gets your financial information. Case in point, you need to give your credit card data to iTunes if you want to pay for a song, a game, or a podcast. Try to research and read on tricks on making great passwords. The passwords should be hard to figure out. As you plug in the password, the password would be substituted with dots.

(10) As soon as you put in all of your needed details, you have an iTunes account! Just always remember your iTunes password. This is because whenever you purchase new stuff from iTunes and download other things, you need to plug in your password each time, especially if you logged out. If there are other problems, you can get help from tech support from iTunes as early as possible.